Ezekiel Global Executive Search L.L.C. is an international retained search firm, and we recruit sales executives who fit our clients' cultures, understand our clients' markets and deliver the results our clients' most desire to see. We serve entrepreneurial U.S. and European companies, and our approach ensures that our clients see candidates who have the drive, discipline and track record to execute their vision, wow their customers and sustainably grow revenue.

Anthony Caputi | President, Ezekiel anthony@ezekielglobal.com

Anthony Caputi

Founder and President

Since entering the executive search industry in 2004, Anthony has partnered with the CEOs and leadership teams of numerous growth-stage companies.  He is passionate about gaining alignment with his clients and delivering candidates who fit the vision, values and mission of the teams he serves.

From 2010-2016 Anthony led global recruiting at a technology product company and helped lift annual sales revenue from $45 million to $140 million. Anthony's contributions included the recruitment of sales executives in the U.S., Brazil, Colombia, UK, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Poland, Italy, UAE, Norway, Sweden, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea and Singapore.

Anthony earned his B.A. in psychology, philosophy and literature from The State University of New York at Buffalo and completed postgraduate work at The University of Virginia.  Outside of work, Anthony devotes time to his wife, his four children and his own personal growth, which occasionally includes climbing a mountain.

Learn more about Anthony at www.linkedin.com/in/anthonycaputi