Who We Are

We're a retained executive search firm, and we help our clients find, hire and retain the best people. If you're looking to expand or upgrade your sales, business development, or revenue-driving team you'll benefit from our expertise and execution. Whether you need a contributor, a manager or a leader, our process will guide you in finding the right person.

What You'll Get

You'll see the best people, hire the right person, quickly make the employee productive and retain them.

Recruiting Strategy

img_8We'll have a session where your business and hiring goals are heard and understood. Then, you'll receive a custom recruiting strategy.

Candidate Sourcing

img_18You'll benefit from our research. Then, you'll get a long list of prospective candidates and a short list of qualified candidates.

Employee Selection

img_19You'll gain an objective partner to help you interview and assess candidates to ensure you hire the best person for the job.

Hiring Success

img_6You'll receive guidance to ensure your new employee is productive as soon as possible and adds value to your organization for many years.


Find, hire and retain the best employees

You'll receive a customized plan that fits your goals.

Retained Search

Project-based hiring support

Fractional Services

Ongoing recruiting and hiring support





You'll find, hire and retain the best people

Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S.A.

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