We help leaders build these.

You’ll find, hire, and keep the right people

We deliver

  • Speed – 90% of your hires will hit the ground running in under 90 days
  • Quality – 95% of your hires will celebrate their one-year anniversary
  • Value – 90% of our clients engage us multiple times

…and as a result

  • You’ll win the hearts of customers
  • You’ll hit your revenue goals
  • You’ll dominate the competition

Ezekiel helps CEOs, Chief Revenue Officers, and Sales Leaders build and improve their teams. Our clients are entrepreneurial and innovative companies working in Technology, Software, Digital, Manufacturing, and Professional Services.

We understand that team culture and individual performance are crucial to growing your business. Since 2016, we’ve successfully designed and executed recruiting strategies for sales, marketing, strategy, product, technology, and operations roles. 

If you have an exciting vision for your business, we’ll bring you the people who will make it a reality.

Our process is thorough and transparent

Hiring Assessment & Recruiting Strategy

Candidate Research & Validation

Candidate Attraction & Engagement

Candidate Qualification & Presentation

Candidate Selection & Commitment

Candidate Transition & Preboarding