Ezekiel is an international retained search firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. We perform executive recruitment for growth-stage product and technology companies. Our approach helps leaders hit their most critical business goals. We accomplish this by giving close attention to our clients' desired outcomes, and then rallying and delivering candidates who demonstrate the values and behaviors to fit into (or transform) the management team and company culture, the talent and track record to do the job, and the motivation and resiliency to get the job done.

Anthony Caputi, President

Since entering the search industry in 2004, Anthony has had the privilege to serve the CEOs and leadership teams of multiple product and technology companies. From 2010-2016 Anthony led recruiting from inside a growth-stage product company and helped to build global revenues from $45M to $140M. This included recruiting executive leadership and critical talent in the USA, Brazil, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Norway, Sweden, UAE, Hong Kong, China, Japan and Korea.

"God strengthens"

Ezekiel is a Hebrew name and means 'God strengthens'. It is derived from two Hebrew words - 'el', which means 'God or powerful', and 'chazaq', which means 'strong or to strengthen'.

The Book of Ezekiel takes its title from a priest living in exile in the city of Babylon between 593 and 571 BCE. Ezekiel paints a spectacular picture of restoration.

We believe that all kinds of organizations including businesses are prone to becoming ineffective. When this occurs, profound transformation may be needed to achieve the purpose for which the business was created. In many cases this requires the bringing in of new people into key roles. Whatever the need, we love to strengthen and support the organizations we serve.

Core Values

Belief.  We regard our work as meaningful and therefore we act responsibly. To this end, our values endure and guide us. Each morning we hop out of bed because we believe what we do makes a difference.

Faith.  We boldly enter the unknown, travel through uncertainties and hardships, and fight good fights. Ambiguity offers the opportunity to do good and so we act courageously.

Humility.  We regard others as more important than ourselves, and we do not think too highly of ourselves but rather we recognize our own fallibility. When we mess up, we apologize, we say we're sorry and mean it.

Authenticity.  We treat others with sincerity, and we make every effort to align our words and actions with our beliefs and values. Others may think us odd at times, and we're okay with this.

Discipline.  We seek wisdom and we train to improve our usefulness, we are responsible for our actions, we learn from our failures and their negative consequences, and we endure that which we cannot control. The reality is: we fall down and get back up a lot.

Compassion.  We serve the needs of others, share their burdens and endure for their sake, and we do not return evil with evil. No one should suffer their problems alone.

Curiosity.  We ask questions to identify and clarify opportunities to be useful and serve others. We hope our inquisitiveness is well-received because it is well-intended.

Contribution.  We solve problems and bring about results that are meaningful and beneficial to others. Our passion to make a positive difference compels us to take action.

Determination.  We work hard and pursue goals with focus and force; when faced with adversity we take courage, exercise self-control and press on tenaciously toward the desired outcome. Quitting is not an option.

Accountability.  We put mutual trust and support at the center of our relationships, and we act responsibly, which means we follow through on our commitments.

We believe that all things were made to glorify God, delight in God and be useful to God.  We believe that God made people and continues to shape people for his good purpose according to his will for his name’s sake, and therefore we submit ourselves to God and strive to walk according to the Spirit.